Wild nights!

As the longest day of the year approaches, we enter the best nights to watch the sky. There’s something timeless about sitting outdoors wrapped in a warm breeze,

Let's howl!

Let’s howl!

losing yourself in the depth of the stars. People have done it for centuries – but not in the city!

Yesterday at dusk, I spotted Venus in the west. I’ve seen Venus before, or what I thought was Venus until it began moving into the landing pattern for Ontario International Airport. The dot last evening stayed put and brilliant as the peach-color sunset faded to night.

On many nights, I look up and float into a pool of stars. It feels like I’m 16 again, lying on the beach on Manitou Island, stunned by seeing for the first time uncountable pinpoints of light creating the blanket above me. I forget that a cute guy in faded jeans sings folk songs at the bonfire; I don’t hear Lake Michigan gently curling to the shore. All I think is that on the night this starlight was created, some ancient shepherd looked up to wonder at the stars above him.

In California, my county created a dark sky ordinance for unincorporated areas like mine. By law, no porch lights can spill onto neighbors’ property, More

What day is it?

June 2015