Why ‘run’ in a blogathon?

We’ve reached the finish line in the 2015 Freelance Success/WordCount Blogathon. If you’re a follower, now you can have back your mailbox!

Like marathons, blogathons call for intensity and commitment. This blogathon wordledidn’t have lots of rules. The topics were open, even on a handful of designated theme days, like Throwback Thursdays. Some blogathoners never intended to blog every day in June, only to make blogging a habit. A few dropped out. Many, like me, posted every day.

If you blog, a blogathon offers a lot of benefits. You can:

  • Test new topic areas.
  • Become good friends with your camera.
  • Try out a subject’s sustainability.
  • Exercise your skill at writing short, which is often harder than writing long.
  • Meet other bloggers.

And that’s just the start. Some blogathons, like this one, last a month; others are shorter. You could create your own personal blogathon by designating a time frame in which you’d post every day (or write every day and save some to post later).

You just might find that blogathoning helps you rekindle the passion for writing that you never really lost.

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