Photos for a lazy afternoon

Baby blue eyes

Baby blue eyes arrives early.

Yawn, stretch and treat yourself well today. Gather your strength for Monday. The world is beautiful.

Red columbines 2

Red columbines en masse


Iggy Lizardo ready for his close-up.

It’s especially beautiful right now at Heaps Peak Arboretum, located on the uphill side of California Highway 18, our local version of the Ice Road Truckers’ Freefall Freeway, between Skyforest and Running Springs. The Rim of the World Interpretive Association, a group of local volunteers, improves and maintains the arboretum as a showcase for mountain trees, shrubs, wildflowers and small wildlife (sometimes big wildlife, too).

This makes it a great place for mountain people to take their visitors and to learn what the heck that blue thingie is that grows in a far corner of the yard!

Wild irises

Wild irises (unretouched)

Warm weather ushers in wildflower season. Yesterday a huge variety of flowers hid in the shadows and danced in the sun. Here are some of them.

California poppy 2

Nature’s gold: California poppy


Lily-looking thingie. What is it?

(I shot all the photos with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i under available light. If you want to use them yourself, ask permission first or risk incurring serious bad karma. I’m a hound from hell about copyright.)

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